5 Best Plants for Full Sun Garden Area

Creating a beautiful and therapeutic garden requires planting the correct type of plants and flowers for different conditions. Different plants and flowers do well under different conditions; some plants love the full sun for most of the day. Some love shade, and others can do well under low lights.

Plants under full sun need regular watering and fertilizing. The article discusses the five best plants for a full sun garden area.


Petunias are the most widespread flowers which provide exceptional blooms and extended flowering period. They are easy to grow. They prefer full sun for fuller and abundant blooms; however, hot sunny summer can use some light shade. Flowers come in many colors and patterns; single and double blooms.

They are best grown for beds, borders, and seasonal ground covers. Some of them are trailers making them best suited to grow in hanging baskets and containers. Regular watering will encourage multiple blooms.


Dahlias are low-maintenance flowers that come in many colors, bloom sizes, patterns, and shapes. Dahlia belongs to the same family with sunflower, daisy, zinnia, and chrysanthemum. You can grow them in pots if you have limited space.

Image by:8926 from Pixabay


They are the most beautiful annuals to grow, with blossom lasting the entire growing season. Marigold are easy-going plants that can thrive in full sun, tolerate scorching conditions, and tolerate low temperatures. It can be easily propagated from seeds. They come in orange, yellow, red, and creamy white. The distinct spicy aroma attracts butterflies, bees, ladybugs which repel predators. You can choose from four varieties of marigold: Mexican marigold, English marigold, golden marigold, and French marigold.

Image by: Mabel Amber


Lantana is evergreen plants that do well under full sun or partial sun. Most people love them for their steady blossoming during the growing season. You can plant directly within the garden or containers. Lantanas’ unique vines make them appealing to grow in containers.  Its sweet fragrance and bright flowers attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. They are best for border shrubs and ground covers.

Image by: Scola


Coleus belongs to the same family as mint and is easy to maintain. Coleus comes in different shades, shapes, and styles. They offer lovely foliage regardless of whether they are under full sun or part shaded area though full sun brings out the best foliage. You can coleus grow in containers. They get bushy, and you need to trim them often. It tops the list of plants with beautiful and vibrant colors.

Image by: F Muhammad

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