5 Best Types of Shrubs to Grow in Your Garden

Shrubs play a significant role in your garden as they provide structure in landscaping. There are varieties of bushes to suit every gardener’s taste and preference. Below are 5 best types of shrubs you can grow in your garden;

1. Hydrangea

This beautiful and flowering shrub is easy to grow as it does not require a lot of tender care. Hydrangea blooms in spring and summer; and comes in shades of purple, pink, and white flowers. This bush is an excellent foundation in landscaping as it grows very fast to be the center of attention in a yard. The plant requires adequate water and mulch to keep the soil moist and cool. 

Photo by Ben Kerckx

2. Dwarf Japanese Holly 

This little evergreen shrub is dense, compact and with glossy green foliage. The bush has an artistic and unique growth as the branches grow stacked together horizontally. This dwarf bush grows to a height of about three feet tall and approximately two feet wide. This bush requires little or no pruning. For healthy, glossy, and green foliage, the plant needs regular irrigation.

3. Boxwood

Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that comes in a variety of over 70 species of the Buxaceae family. The shrub does well in warm regions and is green throughout the year. Boxwood provides an excellent border component that creates beautiful formal hedges. The bush offers structure in landscaping, and you can shear to different geometrical shapes. Plant the shrub at a spot with good drainage.

Photo by Hans

 4. Lilac

These hardy shrubs come in varieties that suit warm areas. Lilacs are easy to grow, maintain, and do exceptionally well in summer. The shrub may grow to a width of about 12 to 15 feet. The plant produces heavy scented purple flowers, is attractive to birds and pollinators, and blooms in May. This bush does well at a spot with good drainage and requires regular watering. 

Photo by Couleur

5. Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a standalone shrub and an excellent choice for landscaping. More so as it does not require much pruning and shaping. The shrub has blue, pink, purple, red, violet and white flowers that bloom in midsummer. Plant the bush in a sunny and partial shade spot that has good drainage. For a healthy shrub, provide adequate water and fertilizer. 

Photo by HeungSoon


The above 5 Best Types of Shrubs to Grow in Your Garden described will give your garden a beautiful eye-catching looking, that’s refreshing. To have healthy shrubs and bushes, be sure to know what each plant requires to thrive.  

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