5 Beautiful Easy to Grow Indoor Plants

Gardeners are spoilt for choice when it gets to the varieties of easy-to-grow indoor plants. There are enough picks to suit every planter’s taste and preference. Some houseplants need much attention, while others take care of themselves. Discussed below are a few of low maintenance houseplants; 

Aloe Vera

This beautiful evergreen succulent plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Aloe vera requires little water and a place that’s cool with indirect sunlight. The sap from the aloe vera has health and beauty benefits. Harvest a few leaves to extract the juice when need be. Only pluck less than a third of the full leaves on the plant. The aloe vera can grow to a height of one to three feet tall.

Photo by Weblab24


Monstera is a stunning and one of the popular easy-to-grow indoor plants. This evergreen vine can grow to 15 feet in height and eight wide. Plant monstera in a tropical region as it thrives in such climate and is tolerant to drought. The houseplant requires watering once every one or two weeks, depending on the exposure to light.  Monstera can withstand direct sun and thrives in moderate sunlight. It’s prudent to grow this plant out of reach of children and pets as its leaves are irritant if consumed.

Photo by Sodamtree

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Sansevieria is hardy and low maintenance to grow houseplant and thrives in all types of climates. The snake plant is popular with beginners as it requires little care, and it can withstand neglect. This plant requires little watering and can grow to a height of two to three feet. On lighting, the plant thrives when placed in low to bright light or direct sun. Sansevieria, apart from its beauty, is a popular indoor plant as it has air-purifying properties.  

Photo by Nasser

Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)

Dumb cane is popularly grown as an ornamental plant for offices and houses. This beautiful and unique indoor plant comes in several varieties with different leaves’ patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes. This popular houseplant can grow to six to ten in height.  Dieffenbachia requires moderate watering; too much water causes the roots to rot. You should ensure the soil moisture is adequate but is not soggy. Dumb cane requires filtered lighting conditions, especially in summer and spring. Just like most indoor houseplants, it’s advisable to keep children and pets away from this plant. It is toxic when ingested as it harms the vocal cords, hence its name, dumb cane. 

Photo by Dference

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

This succulent is one popular easy-to-grow indoor plant that can grow to a height of three to six feet. The plant grows slowly at an average rate of two inches each year. Jade needs plenty but balanced watering. Too much water rots the roots, whereas inadequate watering causes the leaves to turn yellow and fall. The plant requires plenty of sunlight and the brightest spot in a room. Jade is said to bring luck, and this makes it a popular housewarming gift. 

Photo by Tujardin DesdeCero


The above-discussed list of houseplants is among the many easy-to-grow indoor plants a gardener can choose to plant. House plants come in different types to suit every taste, environment, and climate condition. Indeed, a gardener is spoilt for choice when it gets to indoor plants. 

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