How to Care for Geraniums Plants

Geraniums are a beautiful and versatile plant. You can grow them either inside or outside, in pots or planters, and above all, they have a lovely fragrance. Geraniums also have diverse colors, from pink to deep purple and white to red flowers.

You need to water them regularly and fertilize geraniums right before planting time – around every three weeks should do the trick. We will discuss how to grow geraniums, the different types, and how to care for them.

The Different Geraniums Types

Geraniums come in many varieties of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some Geraniums only bloom once, while others double or even triple flower.

Geranium Patricia

The Patricia has an exceptionally long bloom period that will leave any room filled in fragrance for days. It is also easy with magenta-pink petals and black star-shaped centers. Cutting back its roots often and watering (not too much) when dry will keep it alive.

Photo by Mabel Amber

Geranium Magnificum

These plants have small white centers that stand out against the Purple-Magenta blooms. These Geraniums will look great in your summer garden. They are hardy and come with spectacular flowers that can last through the season. 

Photo by Hans

Geranium Nimbus

The nimbus blooms are a violet-blue, finely veined flower with white centers that create an elegant look for your garden or yard. This compact plant will grow all summer long without fading into obscurity like many flowers would once autumn approaches.


Geranium Orion

The Orion plant has mauve-blue petals and purple veins with white eyes. These flowers also have tiny white eyes and mid-green leaves. This type of geranium can grow up to 30 inches tall as a border or ground cover.

Photo by Virginie

Geranium robertianum

Also called the Red Robin has small pink blooms with deeply dissected leaves and petals that turn red at the end of its season. It flowers from April until fall.

Photo by WikimediaImages

Geranium Care and Maintenance

Geraniums are low maintenance. They can live in either sun or shade, although they prefer light to moderate sunlight only when warm. Geraniums should be watered thoroughly and then dry out slightly before watering again if they are outside.

How to Propagate Geraniums

Plants such as geraniums are easy to propagate. The first way is through cuttings harvested in the spring or autumn. Cut a piece of the stem at a 45-degree angle and leave it out in direct sunlight for around three weeks.

The second way to propagate geraniums is through seed, which can be collected by picking the pods that form after the flowers dry out.

Geraniums Growth Conditions

Geraniums require rich, moist soil with good drainage. It has moderate water needs and can thrive in poor and average soils that drain well.


Geraniums need to be watered regularly and dry out before being watered again. When watering, make sure that the soil is moist but not soggy.


Geraniums can live in full sun or shade. When placing geraniums outdoors, ensure they do not succumb to cold drafts.


Geraniums require fertilizing every three weeks. There is special fertilizer for geranium plants, and one can also use a general all-purpose fertilizer.

Geraniums Pests and Diseases


The blackleg is a fungus that causes lesions on the stems and roots of geraniums. It spreads through plant material, so removing any diseased plants right away is essential.

Pelargonium Rust

A fungus affects the stems, leaves, and flowers of geraniums. Not only that, but it spreads through plant material as well, so it is critical to remove any infected plants immediately.

Botrytis Blight

Geraniums are susceptible to botrytis blight, which causes dark spots on the flower petals and leaves. It spreads quickly, so it is critical to remove any infected plants immediately.


We hope that you learned something new about growing geraniums. If you follow the steps, your geranium plants should flourish.

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