Top 5 Aglaonema Varieties

The Agloenema family comes in a range of colors and combinations. They are easy to grow and are hardy. The variety is widely known hence hybridized in a wide range of cultivars. The cultivars are so beautiful and unique. All of the Chinese evergreens are so attractive and the problem for you will be which one to choose!

Below are the best Aglaonema Varieties that are a must on your list. Beautify your space by planting these fantastic houseplants!

The Different Types of Chinese Evergreens

Aglaonema nitidum

The Nitidum has pretty deep green leaves. It requires very low light. Have you seen most of these plants deep inside buildings and wondered how these plants thrive in extremely low light? This variety can remain green despite getting no sunlight at all. Most plants cant survive this ordeal.

Aglaonema ‘Red Gold’

The ‘Red Gold’ variety is beautiful. Its leaves are green in color, with its edges rimmed with red, and its middle vein has a tinge of red. Isn’t this bewitching? This variety is best friends for outdoor and indoor plant growers.


Aglaonema ‘Pictum Tricolor’

For this variety, you will automatically love it. Many people love this variety due to its three green shades, light, medium, and dark. All these colors come in one package. It has oval-shaped leaves, which is best for your office window sill.

Aglaonema ‘Sparkling Sarah’

The way its name suggests this plant truly sparkles and glows. It’s the most outstanding of all of them. Its leaves are lushly thick,  which have attractive cream, pink and green hues. The edge of the leaves is deep green, and pink and cream spots are towards the middle. It also has a pink stem. This irresistible Chinese variety can transform your room into heaven.


Aglaonema ‘Pink Moon’

The pink moon is a jewel in its way. Its green leaves have oval-shaped dots scattered on them. Now we understand where it got its name. This variety will look gorgeous in your space; you will love it. This elegant plant requires less water and light, hence the perfect for that corner in your office.


Care and Maintenance 


Most of the Aglaonema varieties can tolerate low light. Some depend entirely on fluorescent light, thus ideal for offices. The variegated ones love sunshine, but you should be careful not to put them in direct sunlight.


Always be on the Lookout for the leaves. If the leaves’ tips turn brown, the air around is too dry. A humidifier can help you increase humidity. Alternatively, you can put water and pebbles in a container and place them near the plant.


The water requirements for these varieties depend on the season. During the dry season, water more and decrease watering during winter. Excessive moisture may result in the rotting of the roots. Always ensure the soil is well-drained.


Chinese Evergreen does well in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t grow them in cold places as they may not thrive well.


Have you enjoyed knowing the various cultivars of Chinese Evergreen? We have discussed a few, but we haven’t exhaustively described all varieties. There are almost  100 of them! The above five types described are best for you as a plant grower. Are you plant enthusiastic? Then try experimenting with the Aglaonema family. You will unquestionably love them.

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