5 Great Palm Trees You Can Grow Indoors

Flowering plants are the best options for brightening your indoors. But have you ever thought of introducing palm plants indoors? Palms have a unique way of evoking feelings of peace and relaxation that no other plant can achieve. And most palm varieties enjoy average humidity, warm temperatures, and moderate light, just as we do-making them great indoor plants. Here are 5 great palms you can grow indoors:

Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Image source: Flickr

Parlor palm is the most popular indoor palm plant for the last 50 years. It has a compact and clumping growth design likened to a bamboo forest. This palm is generally easy to grow, but it has a slow growth rate. And it can attain a height of 2 to 6 feet when growing indoors, producing deep green foliage.

Parlor palm thrives in average indoor light and moist soil. It tolerates low light conditions, but this will slow its growth rate. It may attract spider mites when left completely dry; this is avoidable.

Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona chinensis)

Image source: Flickr

This palm is famous for its fan-like leaves. Chinese fan palm can grow to about 15 feet tall, making it ideal for large spaces. However, if you don’t have large rooms indoors, consider going for the subglobosa dwarf cultivar or the Taiwan Fan palm.

The Chinese fan thrives in bright and indirect light, but they tolerate shady locations. This plant produces long taproots; you must therefore use a large pot when planting one indoors. You can water it when the topsoil feels dry. Chinese fan plant produces emerald green foliage.

Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)

Image source: Flickr

This is a non-true palm, but it is often in the palm plants category because of its looks. It has stiff stalks emanating from an upright pineapple-looking trunk. This “plan” has a slow growth rate, and it reaches about 3 feet tall. 

Although they can tolerate shade, Sago palms need regular moisture and bright but indirect sunlight. You should put it on the side of the house that receives sunlight between 4 and 6 hours a day. Ensure the soil is dry before watering this plant. Its leaves bear a light green color.

Cascade Palm (Chamaedorea cataractarum)

Image source: https://fourseasonsnursery.com.au

This is a different variety of palm plants; it does not feature a central trunk. It has clumps of stalks that can go up to 6 feet tall. The leaves are also smaller and more delicate than other palms. 

Cascade palms enjoy moist soil and high humidity. When growing them indoors, you’ll need to water them frequently. They enjoy bright indirect sunlight, avoid direct sunlight. This variety produces dark green leaves. Take advantage of its large dense clump of stalks to propagate new plants.

Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana)

Image Source: https://www.beardsanddaisies.co.uk

It is among the popular palms in small offices and homes. It can tolerate most conditions, including cold and dry conditions, which most houseplants don’t tolerate. 

Unlike other palms sold in a single form, kentia palm is sold in clamps of three or more to make it appear bushy. Kentia palm is easy to grow, and it thrives in moist soil. It is also among the low-maintenance palms you can grow indoors. Water this palm at least once a week in spring and summer and reduce watering during winter.


Bring the beauty of your landscape inside your home by growing indoor palm plants. Palms have a unique way of adding a touch of nature to any space. Choose one that you find easy to grow and maintain to add an exotic and natural environment to your modern living space.

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