Fuchsia: Plant Care & Growing Tips

Fuchsias are popular houseplants grown for their large and intensely colored blooms. They are perfect for hanging baskets thanks to their drooping teardrop-shaped flowers hanging down like crystal on a fancy chandelier. When planting them outdoors, ensure the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re susceptible to cold. Fuchsia flowers come in pink, red, purple, white, and bi-colors and can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide. So, how should you take care of fuchsias?

Types of Fuchsia Flowers

There are different varieties of fuchsia flowers in the market. Here are the best to consider for your garden:

Fuchsia ‘Beacon Rosa’

Image source: Pixabay

This is a hardy and reliable fuchsia plant to introduce into your landscape. Beacon rosa grows uprightly and produces small dark green leaves and dainty flowers. The single flowers bloom from early summer till autumn. This variety features sepals deep pink in color and mauve-pink petals, making it attractive to bees and hummingbirds. You can plant it in patio containers or as border plants. It thrives in full sun and partial shade too. 

Fuchsia Dollar Princess

Image source: Flickr

This lovable exotic fuchsia thrives in the sun and shade. Besides, it is also cold resistant when potted indoors. It bears showy flowers in purple petals and red tubes with white color at the top. The beauty of this variety is it blooms throughout the year, adding pomp and color to your garden. Dollar princess is perfect for borders, beds, wall-side borders, containers, and cottage gardens.

Fuchsia ‘Alice Hoffman’

Image source: Flickr

This is a small fuchsia hardy flowering plant with semi-double flowers in rose-red sepals and a white corolla. The colors of this species vary from season to season; it remains white during summer and white in autumn. It is a perfect border plant for small gardens or rock gardens. This type of fuchsia grows well in full sun to partial shade patios.

Fuchsia’ Army Nurse’

Image source: Flickr

It is a shrubby upright fuchsia variety with semi-double flowers with purple petals enclosed by red sepals. It is almost similar to the ‘Dollar Princess’ type, but it is bigger and drought-resistant, ideal for large pots and hardy zones. You can also mix it with herbaceous borders.

Fuchsia’ Miss California’

This type has lengthy and narrowing pink sepals covering white semi-double petals. ‘Miss California’ flowers resemble pretty dancers in fancy skirts when swaying in the breeze. They mainly flower in late spring and summer. You can either plant them in the garden or pots provided they are in semi-shade or filtered light conditions.

Image Source: https://www.primrose.co.uk

Fuchsia Care & Maintenance

Fuchsia flowers prefer cool air, and most varieties thrive in temperatures ranging from 55° to 80° Fahrenheit. Some of its types will stop flowering when temperatures. This explains why fuchsia flowers thrive in regions with naturally cool summers. In warm areas, your extra care is essential for them to bloom.

Propagating Fuchsia

It is easier to propagate fuchsia plants through stem cuttings. Remove any lower leaves on the cutting and dip the lower part into a rooting hormone if possible before planting in peat moss or soil. You can also choose to propagate by fuchsia from seeds or divisions. 

Fuchsia Growth Conditions


Fuchsia thrives in full sunlight and partial shade. When growing any of its variety indoors, they enjoy indirect light.


Fuchsia plants prefer moist and well-draining soil. They dislike hot soil, so avoid too much direct sunlight if possible.


Fuchsia love humid environments. Make the soil moist but not soggy.

Fuchsia Pests and Diseases

They are susceptible to whiteflies, mites, aphids, and spiders, especially when keeping them indoors during winter. You can control these insects using insecticidal soaps or chemical pesticides.


Fuchsia flowers are beautiful, easy to propagate, and grow in many settings. But, they are prone to pests and diseases. Even so, you can enjoy these lovely flowers in your home by following the tips above. 

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