How to Grow & Care for Pothos Plants Indoors

Plants like pothos are among the easiest plants to grow indoors. You can grow pothos indoors throughout the year, and they will quickly flourish. This trailing vine is native to Southeast Asia has sharp heart-shaped leaves that come in varying colors from green, yellow, white, and pale green. If you are too busy for houseplants and still want that greenery interior to purify your indoor air, introduce pothos plants. Read on to learn more about pothos.

Types of Pothos

There are different varieties of pothos, and all come with varying leaf variations. Here are the most famous types;

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Image source: Flickr

This type of pothos has dark green heart-shaped leaves with specks of yellowish gold. Thanks to its popularity, you can easily find this type of pothos in your local houseplant nursery or online store. This variety is also called Devil’s Ivy, and it is probably the simplest to grow and care for. Its perfect spot is on a shelf, cupboard, or as a background flower. 

Marble Queen Pothos (Scindapsus)

Image source: Flickr

This is a slow-growing pothos with a unique white and gray-green pattern on its leaves. Their slow growth rate is because of the lack of adequate chlorophyll on their variegated leaves. Move them closer to the window or anywhere with a light source to spur their growth. It is a perfect table plant, thanks to its decorative leaves.

Pearls and Jade Pothos

Image source: Flickr

It is one of the top elegant pothos flowers you can grow indoors. It has light green leaves with swirls of creamy white. This variety has a slow growth rate, and its leaves are also smaller in size. You can quickly notice Pearls and Jade pothos plants because of their creamy variegation on the edges. For their best appearance, place them against a neutral background.

Neon Pothos

Image source: Flickr

It is a peculiar pothos. Its heart-shaped leaves come in bright lime green color. Unlike other pothos, this is a monochromatic variety. Their best neon green color flourishes when they are left to grow in bright light. Growing them in dark light darkens their foliage. 

If you want its bright leaves to be outstanding, place these pothos in a well-lit location. However, if you’re going to brighten a dark spot in your house, place neon pathos.

Manjula Pothos

Image source: Flickr

You can quickly; differentiate Manjula pothos from other varieties by looking at their foliage. This variety has heart-shaped but curly leaves on the edges and tip. The leaves are also multicolored; they come in hues of cream, white, silver, and green. You can balance its foliage color by moving it around different light settings.

Pothos Care & Maintenance

Pothos plants are one of the simplest houseplants to grow and care for. Watering them is ideal-one in two weeks or when they are drying out. To keep pothos plants dense, trim the lengthening runners periodically.

Propagating Pothos

The stress-free way to propagate pothos is by stem cuttings. Dip the lower end of pothos cuttings in a glass of water and place it in a bright but indirect light setting for a month. Once the roots develop, transfer them to a container with potting soil and treat them as any other young houseplants.

Pothos Growth Conditions


Indoor pothos flourishes when they receive bright but indirect light. When pothos leaves turn pale, it is a sign of too much sunlight.


Pothos plants love well-draining soil, and they can thrive in different soil conditions.

Temperature & Humidity

They love temperatures in the range of 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Pothos love humid environments; place them in humid areas of your house. But they are also intolerant to low humidity.

Pothos Pests and Diseases

Pothos plants are pest-free. However, mealybugs infestation may occur. Use insecticidal soap to control pests. You can dab the pests on the plants by using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.


Pothos plants come in different varieties, and they are all easy to grow and care for. Please choose your favorite type and introduce them to your indoors today. 

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