5 Heat-Resistant Plants for Your Driveways

Combining your hardscapes with plants is a great way to make your landscape natural and lively. Besides improving the appearance of your front yard, introducing planters on your driveway will attract bees and butterflies to your compound. To achieve a colorful driveway throughout the seasons, you need to plant heat-resistant plants. They will thrive even when there are sweltering temps. 

Furthermore, heat-resistant plants require less watering, and their maintenance requirements are minimal. So, which are the best heat-resistant plants to introduce into your driveways? Read on.


Image source: Flickr

Lavender is a beautiful, fragrant flower that you can use for ornamental, culinary, and medicinal purposes. However, consider growing lavender away from your driveway if you intend to use lavender for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Depending on the variety, lavender used for driveways can grow up to 4-feet tall. This height is ideal for boosting your privacy with its array of different colors, including purple. The English lavender is the most popular because of its ability to withstand both heat and cold. The plant has a bluish tinge and produces a soft scent making your driveways and walkways smell nice. 

Texas Ranger

Image source: Pixabay

Also known as Texas Sage, it is an excellent choice for softening your hardscapes, thanks to its low maintenance requirements. Its purple flowers and silvery-green foliage adds beautiful colors to any landscape. This hardy shrub looks fantastic when growing alongside a paving stone driveway.

Once this plant has grown, it only requires watering during the warm months of summer or when there is little rainfall. This evergreen shrub can grow to over 8-feet in height under the right conditions. You can shape it to create a privacy hedge. Texas sage is a perfect choice for bordering wide driveways.

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

Image source: Flickr

This is a self-seeding annual plant perfect for driveways. It bears flowers in different colors, including bright orange, yellow, pink, and red. This flowering plant attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies that will make your driveways lively. Besides their ornamental purposes, California poppy offers medicinal benefits. Herbalists use this plant to promote relaxation and treat bladder and liver diseases. 

This herbaceous plant can grow up to 5-feet tall creating dense foliage consisting of numerous blue-green leaves. Its petals close when it’s cold, at night, and in windy weather and opens up in the morning or after the cold has subsided. It’s a drought-resistant plant, so watering it should not be a big deal. Only water weekly if you leave in areas with seldom rainfall.  


Image source: Pixabay

This fast-growing perennial plant can grace your driveway borders with elegant clusters of yellow, pink, white, blue, or multi-colored flowers. You will need to water them as they grow, but they don’t need frequent watering once they mature.

You don’t have to prune your lantanas if you have wide driveways. Their growing foliages will spill over the edge to add a soft texture to your hardscape. Depending on the variety, these shrubs can grow up to 6-feet tall. 

Mexican Sage/Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia luecantha)

Image source: Flickr

It is a popular low-water landscaping option in Southern California. This hardy shrub produces elegant spikes of purple flowers, and it can grow almost anywhere. When not producing its beautiful flowers, its grayish-green leaves will add color and texture to your landscape throughout the year.

Besides its easy-to-care feature, the extreme toughness of this plant makes it an excellent choice for a driveway plant. When fully grown, Mexican sage will still survive even when you accidentally drive over it. This plant can become bushy and grow to about 4-feet in height, making it a great choice for covering your hardscape. This drought-tolerant shrub adds life to your driveways by attracting hummingbirds.


So, which heat-resistant plant is perfect for your driveways? When choosing hardy plants for your driveways, ensure to settle for plants that are suitable for your region. Alter the look of your driveways and add aesthetic value by introducing heat-resistant plants. Do you need to learn more about gardening or need help selecting a new plant for your garden? Please make sure you subscribe to our blog today. 

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