5 Best Plants for Perfect Hanging Baskets

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No matter how small your indoor or outdoor space is, you will always have room for hanging baskets. They are one of the best garden ideas for creating an eye-catching display for any space. Adding hanging baskets adds a beautiful touch to your outdoor walls and fences, enhances curb appeal, and creates a lasting impression on your visitors. Here are some of our top flowering plants for your hanging baskets.


Image source: Flickr

Begonias are popular flowers for hanging baskets thanks to their showy flowers. They come in wide varieties, shapes, and colors ranging from yellow to red to orange and pinks. Among the many types, begonia x tuberhybrida is the most grown hanging plant. The said variety has big blousy flowers that trail from their thick stem. Begonias bloom all season long. So you are sure of colorful walls, fences, or curbs throughout the year.

Begonias are easy to grow and maintain. Most varieties can grow from 12 to 18 inches tall. They will thrive in the sun, but they also tolerate shade.


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These are tender perennial flowering plants that make an excellent choice for hanging baskets. They offer moderate and straightforward beauty that comes in single or double colors. The nature of this plant allows its voluminous flowers to be on display while the plant is on a hanging basket. 

The Easy Wave spreading petunias variety offers an eye-catching color in a mound-forming display. This variety spreads quickly on landscapes and hanging baskets when they receive adequate sunlight.

Petunias demand a lot of sunlight for them to thrive. They are heat and drought-resistant. Petunia flowers are relatively easy to care for and maintain. Petunias are also ideal for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to your patio.

Sweet Alyssum

Image source: Pixabay

This is a hardy flower; it will tolerate heat and drought but is not frost tolerant. You may have to take the plants indoors when it starts frosting. The sweet alyssum name is derived from the sweet fragrance that this plant emits. Hanging sweet alyssum flowers around your patio will fill the outdoor space with a lovely scent. 

This hanging plant boasts of pretty tiny white or purple blooms. You may also get pink, salmon, and yellow flowers, depending on the variety. Their blooming period is from June to October.

Sweet alyssum flowers are easy to grow and tolerant to several environmental factors. However, this plant is not frosty resistant.

Dwarf Lavender

Image source: Flickr

Most people love dwarf lavender as hanging plants because they introduce a touch of purplish beauty to the outdoor space. Besides the appearance, dwarf lavender flowers emit a soothing scent. This plant blooms with short purple-blue-hued flower spikes that can grow to 10 inches long. 

They thrive in locations that have direct sunlight for about 4 to 8 hours a day. Place the hanging baskets near your windows to send their pleasant scent to your house. When not growing them in hanging baskets, dwarf lavender flowers are perfect for pathways, borders, or rockeries.  

Fuchsia Flowers

Image source: Flickr

Fuchsias are perfect options for hanging baskets, especially when everyone is at home during the summer holidays. According to Chris Bonnett, you can never go wrong by choosing fuchsia flowers for summer baskets. He further adds that you can combine them with trailing petunias, cascading foliage plants, and pelargoniums for a gorgeous display.

This plant comes in different sizes depending on the variety. Small species like white ‘Golden Swingtime’ and hot pink varieties are the best additions to hanging baskets. These species produce exotic-looking pendant fancy flowers. If you are fun of purple and pale pink flowers, try “Rapunzel.” This variety can grow to over 20 inches long. Here is how to grow and care for fuchsia flowers and the best types for your home.


Hanging baskets add a stunning display for your exterior spaces, fences, and walls. However, knowing which plants are excellent for hanging baskets determines whether your flower plots are outstanding or boring. Our selected flowering plants above make a perfect choice for stunning hanging baskets. For more gardening tips, subscribe to our blog today!

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