5 Houseplants that Will Boost Your Moods

Indoor plants besides beautifying your home, spending a significant amount of time around a greener environment has health benefits. These benefits include improving your cognitive skills, elevating your moods, and reducing stress levels. Here is a list of 5 must-have indoor plants for boosting your well-being at work or home.

Monstera (Swiss cheese plant)

Image source: Pixabay

This plant has large and bold, eye-catching leaves that make a statement in any home or office setting. Monstera is perfect for purifying the air around it making your indoor air healthier. Besides purifying the air and being ornamental, this plant is an excellent choice for boosting your moods in any indoor setting.

Monstera does well when it receives bright but indirect light and moderate watering. You can multiply its population in your home by growing other plants from its cuttings. Check how to grow and care for monstera plants.


Image source: Pixabay

These beautiful natural plants produce vibrant flowers that can last for several weeks. According to a florist expert Raysa Farah, orchids are one of the best plants for calming nerves and lifting spirits. She recommends adding this plant to your indoor garden to boost your moods and overall well-being. 

Since orchids absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, you can place them in your bedroom. The release of oxygen at night will help you sleep. Personalize your space by adding orchids, and they will reward you by boosting your moods. Orchids require lukewarm watering when the soil feels dry to touch.

Asparagus Fern

Image source: Pexels

This plant bears delicate green feathers-like foliage, making it a soft and elegant choice for many home gardeners. An Asparagus Fern’s light and airy appearance bring calm to even the busiest of days, making the plant an ideal addition to any home. Despite its appearance, this plant is notoriously strong, and it is easy to care for. 

Place asparagus fern in a spot with plenty of daylight but avoid direct sunlight. Boost your moods and indoor space aesthetics by adding asparagus fern to your indoor garden collection. Watch out for its sharp spikes on the stem!

Peace lily

Image source: Pixabay

You cannot afford to ignore peace lilies when it comes to uplifting your spirits and boosting your moods. Known for removing toxins from the air, peace lilies can deal with mold, strong chemicals, and acetone from your indoor air. Their white flowers can brighten your mood and help you to cope with stress. 

Watching their flowers can also increase your positive energy levels and make you feel relaxed. However, peace lilies can be toxic to your fur friends; keep them away from this plant.


Image source: Pixabay

Chamomile has earned praises for its inflammatory and calming properties. You will enjoy the soft scent that this flowering plant emits. To achieve chamomile’s highest calming effects, make chamomile herbal tea and take it at night. It will soothe your frayed nerves and make you sleep better. You can also take its herbal tea during the day to help you calm down.

This plant thrives in full sun and in partial shade too. When growing chamomile indoors, place them in a place where they can get direct sunlight.


Particular houseplants like the ones mentioned above help boost moods and create a relaxation feeling. Add any of the above types of plants to your indoor garden to enjoy their calming and mood-boosting effects. Learn more about gardening by subscribing to our blog.

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