5 Best Shrubs to Grow in Front of Your House

Every outdoor gardener desires to have a charming and welcoming front yard by planting cheerful shrubs in their landscape. These shrubs can fill the entrance of your house with the freshness of flowering bushes, making it a refuge for butterflies and hummingbirds. However, not every flowering plant you will find in your local nursery can create that curb appeal. Here are the 5 best shrubs to plant in your front yard.


Image source: Pixabay

Rosemary is one of the beneficial herbs you can plant for ornamental, culinary purposes, and for possible health benefits. Rosemary shrubs have needle-like leaves and small flowers that emit a pleasant smell. The florets can be white, purple, pink, or blue. They bloom year-round in warm climates, while they bloom in spring and summer in hot temperatures.

This shrub is drought tolerant and can attain a maximum height of 4 feet. You may need to prune it frequently to maintain its beautiful shape. Check out for tips on how to grow and care for rosemary plants.


Image source: Getty Images

If you want to create an amazing front yard cottage garden, consider planting shrub roses. This shrub variety boasts of a bushy appearance in different colors ranging from snowy white to deep purple. Most varieties of the shrub roses bloom from late spring to summer, with a few extending until frost.

According to flowering expert David Austen, shrub roses offer a gorgeous look when you plant similar varieties in groups of three or more. Shrub roses can grow as high as 20 feet; pruning is therefore inevitable. 


Image source: Pixabay

This is a pretty flowering shrub loved for its long-lasting funnel-shaped flowers that are sometimes fragrant. Azalea flowers come in showy white and magenta pink colors and are known for flower bed ideas. They make great choices for planting at the front of a house because of their big size, which creates a bold impression. Azaleas can quickly turn out to be the focal point of any garden; this is according to Victoria Kuchinskaya, a plant psychologist.

Some varieties of azaleas can attain towering heights of over 20 feet. Therefore, learning how to prune azaleas shrubs is vital to enjoying their beauty.

Red Tip Photinia

Image source: Flickr

It is an evergreen shrub with striking red color on its young broadleaves, which later turns to green as the shrub matures. The red color can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This plant is a popular choice for planting along the garden edges or the fence. It produces small clusters of florets in mid-spring before producing red berry-like fruits.

This is a fast-growing shrub, and it can grow to about 15 feet high and 8 feet wide. Because of its fast-growing nature, frequent pruning is recommendable.


Image source: Pixabay

This unique shrub produces blooms with different colors depending on the soil pH;

  • Acidic soils (pH below 7) results in bluish flowers
  • While alkaline soils (pH level of more than 7) produces pinky flowers

You can opt to grow hydrangeas in a pot or the ground, making them a perfect option for small front yards.

Most hydrangea species are deciduous shrubs, but other types are evergreen, making them perfect shrubs for front yards. Hydrogels are fast growers; they can quickly fill your space in one summer. They can reach a height of about 15 feet. 


The shrubs mentioned in our blog post above can suit almost any type of front yard and garden. Create a warm welcome for your home by adding one or a combination of the shrubs above to your outdoor space. For more gardening tips, subscribe to our blog today!

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