5 Fast Growing Indoor Plants

Having a beautiful indoor garden is the goal of every homeowner practicing indoor gardening. However, not all gardeners achieve this. Some get frustrated by the slow growth rate of particular houseplants, while others surrender due to the demanding nature of some plants. Luckily, there are numerous fast growing houseplants that you can plant to add color and texture to your indoor space. Here are the best fast growing indoor plants that can reward your efforts with profuse growth.

Pothos (Devil’s ivy)

Image source: Pixabay

This plant is popular because of its fast-growth and fuss-free properties; it’s one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. This vine plant can grow to about 10 to 18 inches per month during the growing season. Rooting from their cuttings takes 3-4 weeks, and budding may start in 1-2 weeks after rooting.

Pothos produce heart-shaped leaves which are green in color. Some varieties have variegated leaves; such will have a slow growth rate because they have low chlorophyll level in their leaves. Read more on how to grow and care for pothos. If you have ample indoor gardening space, add philodendrons to your garden. Pothos love company!

Philodendron Winterbourn

Philodendron winterbourn

Most philodendrons are fast growing and loveable plants to watch, thanks to their beautiful waxy and dark green leaves. During spring and summer, philodendrons can grow at the rate of 4 inches per week. Its long arching leaves grow in clamps and can be 16 inches long, making the plant perfect for large pots. 

This plant loves bright but indirect lighting environments. It can grow to around 4 feet tall.

Spider Plant

Spider plant

Spider plants are fast growing and among the easiest indoor plants to grow. If you are looking for a minimal and straightforward plant to add a touch of greenery to your indoors, it’s a perfect choice. Spider plants thrive in low light conditions. Place them in dark spots during autumn for their best bloom. They have green leaves with yellow or white highlights along the edges. Water them when the soil fills dry to your touch.



This flowering ornamental plant can bring life and beauty to your indoor space within a short time. If you sow the seeds in mid-February, it will reward you with blooms after about 13 to 15 weeks. The flowers come in purple, pink, red, orange, white, and sometimes yellow shades. The growth is quicker when propagating them from their cuttings, with the roots forming after about 4 weeks.

This flowering plant rewards you with stunning blooms when you take good care of it. You can find easy tips on how to grow geraniums.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern

This fast growing and delicate-looking plant adds a unique lacy texture and elegance to your indoors. Asparagus fern can grow up to 2 inches a day during its peak growing season. It features feathery leaves that can partially trail the sides of your growing pots, creating silk veils rich in emerald green. Asparagus fern grows to about 1 meter, but it can attain 3 meters height if there are supporters. Plant your asparagus fern in a large pot to achieve its maximum height.

Asparagus fern is sensitive to light; it requires plenty of bright indirect light. Intense light will scorch the leaves while too little light makes them turn yellowish, eroding their beauty.


Spice things up by adding any of the above fast growing houseplants to your indoor garden. They will reward you with their beauty after a few weeks of planting them. Subscribe to our blog today and learn more about gardening.

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