Friendship Flowers: Blooms to Honor Your Best Friends

You can celebrate friendship in various ways; one way is by exchanging flowers. Flowers are the bright symbol of friendship; they comfort, protect, and give a sense of belongingness. So which flowers are ideal for honoring your best friends on their special occasions? Blooms for friendship should be beautiful, thoughtful, and fun! Here are our top 5 friendship flowers.

Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Mixed chrysanthemum flowers (image source: Pixabay)

Chrysanthemums are friendship flowers that you can give to friends as a gift. They symbolize;

  • Optimism
  • Joy
  • Longevity
  • Well wishes

They also make incredible decorations for any home or office space. They come in various colors, including yellow, light pink, dark pink, and white. So if you want to send a message to your best friend that they’re the one you can always count on, chrysanthemums flowers are the perfect option!

While you can buy these chrysanthemums from a shop, you can also plant them at home. Discover how to grow chrysanthemums here.

Yellow Roses

Image source: Pixabay

They are classic flowers that symbolize new beginnings, friendship, loyalty, and happiness. Yellow roses are among the best for reviving friendly relationships. Poke out to your old buddy by sending them a vase of yellow flowers or a container of the same for their garden. It is a delightful way of expressing that you care and desire to continue the friendship. 

Yellow roses are also known to symbolize admiration and respect for someone else. You can buy or plant different types of yellow roses at home.

Pink Tulips

Image source: Pixabay

Pink tulips are pretty flowers for symbolizing your affection and good wishes to that special friend. You can use them as a way of conveying love to a close friend. Send them to your loved one during Friendship Day or any other happy event. To make your bouquet memorable, don’t forget to include pink tulip bulbs for your friend to grow in their home garden. It is the perfect way to share your affection with them year after year; the flowers bloom in the spring. 

Pink tulip flowers are easy to grow and maintain. They don’t have a watering schedule and no need for complex fertilizers.

Zinnia Flowers

Image source: Pixabay

Zinnias are cheerful and colorful flowers. They can brighten your garden by adding orange, red, pink,purple,white, and yellow colors and beauty to a greener environment. They’re perfect for bouquets too. The beauty of zinnia flowers is they will keep flowering even after you cut the flowers. They are excellent “cut and come again” flowers.

Zinnia flowers are associated with;

  • Lasting affection
  • Friendship
  • Happiness
  • Remembrance. 

Different zinnia varieties have distinct meanings. And they are not uniquely for special occasions. You can offer them on any day of the year! These flowers are easy to grow and quick to bloom.


Image source: Pixabay

The bright yellow color of sunflowers makes a cheery statement throughout the year. They commonly symbolize loyalty and adoration. Send your friend a bouquet of sunflowers to express your commitment to them. But in China, sunflowers represent happiness, intelligence, good fortune, and vitality.

Apart from sending sunflowers as bouquets, you can grow them indoors or outdoors. In suitable conditions, sunflowers will bloom during summer. Their heat tolerance and pest-resistant nature make them easy to grow. Besides offering them as cut flowers or planting them for ornamental, their seeds are nutritional hence good for eating.


Flowers are a great option to celebrate your best friend uniquely. Celebrate your bestie with any of the above flowers, and they will live to cherish you! You can also grow them at home to add beauty and life to your yard. Subscribe to our blog for gardening tips. 

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