7 Amazing Tips for Growing Big Succulents

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Succulents make an excellent addition to any home. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. These plants are beautiful, have health benefits, and are easy to grow. However, growing big-size succulents can be a little tricky and may require you to use special tips, tricks, and techniques. Here are some tips for growing big-size succulents at home.

#1 Choose the Right Variety

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There are different families of succulent plants with different characteristics. Some species flower while others don’t; some grow big while others don’t. For instance, sedum and haworthia species are small succulents naturally. They cant grow big. While kalanchoe, Adenium, Euphorbias, Aeonium, and other varieties grow big naturally. So, be sure of the variety first!

#2 Identify Succulent Species that Are Easy to Grow

Choosing easy-to-grow succulents will make it easy for you to maintain them. Succulents like Aloe Vera, Kalanchoe, and Echeveria are known to be easy to grow and bring stunning results at home. 

#3 Choose the Right Growing Pot

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The most important thing about growing good size succulents is choosing the right pot for them. Growing succulents in big pots don’t necessarily translate to big succulents, nor is it advisable to grow them in smaller pots. Growing them in big pots increases the likelihood of overwatering them. On the other hand, small pots can restrict the development of their roots, hence lowering their growth rate.

Choose a container with a width 10% bigger than the plant and 10% bigger in depth than the succulents you want to grow. You may also add drainage holes on the bottom of the container.

#4 Choose the Right Planting Medium

Plants thrive when they grow in a suitable growing medium. And since succulents are native to arid and semi-arid regions, they don’t flourish in moist soil. They grow happily in well-draining soil or any potting mix with good drainage. Watering of succulents is only advisable when the soil feels dry to touch. 

#5 Choose the Right Spot for Them

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Choosing the right growing spot for your succulents is a step towards achieving big plants. The majority of succulent species require a combination of direct and indirect sunlight for countable hours daily to thrive. Exposing them to full sunlight for an extended period can burn their leaves. At the same time, inadequate exposure to sunlight makes their leaves rangy and frail.

If you are growing your succulents outdoors, put them in a spot where they’ll get morning sun and afternoon shade. Indoor succulents do best when near a south-facing window for the best bright light exposure. And since most species are not frost resistant, bring them indoors during winter.

#6 Feed Them

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If you want to achieve big-size succulents, fertilize them regularly during the growing season. Dilute a balanced liquid fertilizer in one proportion into four proportions of water and apply in the growing season. The frequency should be about once every 20 days. Do not fertilize them during winter since they are dormant.

#7 Remove Their Blooms

If your goal is to make your succulents grow big and faster, do not allow them to flower!

Blooming consumes a lot of energy and nutrients, leading to a slow growth rate. Snip the flowering stems at their bases to prevent them from blooming. Doing so will redirect energy and nutrients to other parts of the plant leading to faster growth and bigger succulent plants.


Succulents are hardy plants but require maintenance to flourish. The tips above will guide you to achieving big and healthy succulent plants. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips. Happy gardening!

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