6 Stunning Flowers That Blooms at Night

Do you know that there are flowers that bloom at night? These flowers are stunning and very unique. They come in various colors, and each one is beautiful in its way. Night Blooming flowers reflect light from the moon making a wonderful sight to behold for people who love spending their evenings in the patios. 

Besides visual appeal at night, night bloomers are highly fragrant. Many people believe that the fragrance of night-blooming flowers is more intense than in the daytime. Do you want to experience them in your garden? Here are six different varieties for you to choose from:

Chocolate Daisy

Image source: Pinterest

The Chocolate Daisy bears yellow flowers with maroon centers, and it blooms at night. It has a sweet fragrance that smells like chocolate throughout the night. The flower is a member of the daisy family and has many small petals surrounding its center. It grows well in warm, dry climates on the ground. The Chocolate Daisy is also known as the Night Scented Daisy and Star of Bethlehem, among other names.

Queen of the Night

Image source: Pinterest

The Queen of the Night is a large, white flower that blooms at night. It has a sweet fragrance that smells like vanilla and can be smelled from a great distance. The flower is a member of the cactus family and blooms on summer nights. Queen of the night thrives in warm and dry climates. 

Moon Flower

Image source: Pinterest

The MoonFlower is a large, trumpet-shaped white flower with yellow centers. This flower opens up in the evenings and blooms until the morning. Do not be surprised to find it blooming in the afternoon of a cloudy day!

This plant thrives in moist soils and prefers full sunlight. However, it can also grow in partial shades.

Evening Primrose

Image source: Pixabay

Evening Primrose is a plant that grows in full sunlight and dry soil conditions. It starts opening up late in the evening, producing showy white, pink, or yellow flowers depending on the variety. The showy blooms can remain open to mid-morning the next day. Its blooming season is during spring and summer, producing a strong, sweet fragrance.

Besides being an ornamental plant, this flower has several health benefits. Its seeds are a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids.

Night-Blooming Jasmine

Image source: Flickr

The Night-Blooming Jasmine, also known as lady-of-the-night, is a vine with light shades of yellow flowers. It blooms at night and has a pleasant fragrance, and it is used to make perfumes and essential oils. The aroma is active day and night—the vine blooms in the spring and summer periods. 

This plant can grow in any soil, provided it is moist. It loves partial to sunny light conditions. Low light conditions will lower its flower production.

Gardenia Augusta

Image source: Pinterest

The Gardenia Augusta is a white, fragrant flower that blooms at night. It has a waxy texture and grows well in moist soils. The flower is a member of the coffee family and blooms in the summer period. It grows healthy in full sunlight to partial shade conditions.


There you go! What’s your favorite night-blooming plant? Choose either of them, and it will reward your garden with a visual appeal and pleasant fragrance in the evenings. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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