5 Best Houseplants for Your bathroom

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Introducing bathroom plants is one of the great ways to add a little personality and fun design to your bathroom. However, the bathroom environment has constant humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and few hours of sunlight. Such conditions make it difficult for most homeowners to settle for bathroom flowers for decoration ideas. But what are the best houseplants for bathrooms? Read on.

Golden Pothos

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Also known as devil’s ivy, the golden pothos is a common houseplant often used in terrariums. This plant grows green and yellow heart-shaped leaves, and you can train them to climb or trail along your bathroom shelves or cabinets. They are also perfect choices for hanging baskets; hang them away from your bathroom’s window sill. 

These trailing vines love humid environments with indirect light. Pothos are easy to maintain, requiring only a few hours of sunlight daily and light watering once per week.

Bird’s Nest Fern

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The bird’s nest fern is a popular fern variety due to its unusual shape. As it grows, it forms a new leaf at the center of its crown. The outer leaves spread out slightly from this center point, creating a bird’s nest-like appearance with the fresh leaves at the center like eggs. This plant does well in low lighting conditions and likes to be watered about once per week. Bird’s nest ferns are also popular in terrariums and do well in humid conditions like bathrooms.

The bird’s nest fern is arguably one of the easiest fern plants to grow indoors. The prominent wavy foliage will create jungle vibes in your bathroom.

Spider Plant

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The spider plant contains long stems with small, white flowers. It has lush leaves that range from green to yellow. Spider plants are among the best bathroom plants because they require little sunlight and moderate humid environments. They also purify the air and help remove harmful toxins from your bathroom air. If you have someone in your family who suffers from allergies or asthma, this is the perfect plant for them!

Spider plants can tolerate bright light but not direct sunlight; otherwise, they will scorch. Besides adding a greenery effect, spider plants will beautify your bathroom with small white florets. They prefer to remain slightly dry during winter.


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The Calathea has medium-size leaves with stripes of green and white. It thrives in moist conditions and only needs indirect sunlight. It’s an excellent choice for bathrooms with small windows. And this is because it requires very little natural light to survive and thrives in more humid environments. The Calathea ‘Freddie’ species, in particular, is ideal because it thrives in low light conditions compared to other species.

Other Calathea varieties also make a nice addition to other rooms in your home because they bring color and texture to any space. Bright light increases the visibility of the variegation on the leaves.

Chinese Evergreen

Image source: Pinterest

This hearty houseplant is perfect for bathrooms. It will grow even after neglecting to water it, making it an ideal choice for people who travel frequently. This plant will grow well in low- or bright-light conditions, and it loves humid environments. However, it does not appreciate temperature fluctuations; to protect it from strong drafts during chilly days, keep your bathroom window closed.

Are you handling houseplants for the first time? If yes, this plant should be on your list because it is easy to grow and maintain.


Spice up your bathroom by introducing any of our favorite bathroom plants above. However, ensure your bathroom has a window regardless of its size. Live houseplants appreciate light for making their food. Subscribe to our blog today for more gardening tips.

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