Birthday Flowers and What They Mean

A birthday is a perfect moment to honor the life of a loved one with presents. Among the best presents that you can send to your loved one is a bunch of flowers. However, you can make your gift exceptional and meaningful by sending them their birth month flowers as cut flowers

Every month has a designated flower that comes with a special meaning. So, what is your friend’s birth flower? Read on to learn more about birthday flowers and their meaning. 

January: Carnations

Image source: Pinterest

Carnations are the flowers of January. They’re bold and beautiful, meaning remembrance, fascination, and admiration. They’re a perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday—and to let them know just how much they mean to you. 

They are available in various colors, including red, purple, and yellow. You can choose to grow carnations in your garden or buy them.

February: Violet & Primrose

Primrose (Image source: Pinterest

Violet and primrose are the two flowers designated for this month. Violets bear blossoms that have a sweet scent. The two types of flowers symbolize:

  • Violets: Loyalty, courage, wisdom, and modesty.
  • Primrose: Good luck and fortune.

These two flowers have a lot of positive energy; share that energy with your loved one today! Violets are easy to grow, and they withstand harsh weather conditions.

March: Daffodil

Image source: Pinterest

The bright and sunny daffodils symbolize new beginnings and unrequited love. They bloom in early spring, making them an excellent option for gifting friends celebrating their birthday in March. You can as well use them to express good wishes for prosperity in the year ahead.

April: Daisy & Sweet Pea

Sweet pea (Image source: Pinterest)

As the birth month of Shakespeare, April is an appropriate time for daisies to bloom. Their bright colors also represent cheerfulness and happiness, making them the perfect gift for any April birthday.

#Tip: If your spouse is celebrating their birthday in April, gift them daisies. They symbolize true love, new beginnings, purity, and innocence.

The sweet pea is a pink or purple flowering plant with frilly petals. The sweet pea represents blissful pleasure but also goodbyes.

May: Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

Lily of the valley (Image source: Pixabay)

The lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness and humility. This dainty flower also conveys a sense of happiness, sweetness, and hope.

The hawthorn is also known as May’s birth flower, and it represents hope and supreme happiness. It grows like a tree bearing pink or white blooms.

June: Rose & Honeysuckle

Rose Image source: Pixabay

The Rose flower is the month of June’s birth flower because it is associated with love, beauty, and romance. Roses are often used in bouquets to convey happiness and joy. 

The honeysuckle, another June birth flower, represents everlasting bonds of love between family members and friends. It’s the perfect gift for family members celebrating birthdays in June.

July: Larkspur & Water Lily

Larkspur Image source: Pixabay

The larkspur comes in different colors, including pink, purple, white, and indigo. And it symbolizes strong bonds and positive sentiments. 

The water lily represents tranquility and purity of heart and mind.

August: Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiolus image source: Pixabay

This August’s birth flower has bold blossoms available in different colors, including pink, orange, red, purple, yellow, and white. Gladiolus symbolizes remembrance, calm, and integrity. And they are also believed to represent infatuation.

The poppy flowers, which are also August’s birth flower, stand for imagination, eternal life, and beauty. They come in bright red color.

September: Aster and Morning Glory

Aster image source: Pinterest

The aster is the official flower for September. A bouquet of these flowers expresses affection, love, and daintiness.

Morning glories represent affection and unrequited love. Besides being symbolic, research has shown that morning glory flowers also have health benefits. They contain minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Give morning glories to someone who loves the sun because these flowers open up in the morning and close at nightfall.

October: Marigold & Cosmos

Marigold image source: Pixabay

Marigold flowers are usually orange or yellow but have also come in white and red shades. Their multi-colors are a perfect match for a birthday celebration in October. Known as the “herb of the sun,” marigolds represent passion and creativity. In contrast, the cosmos embodies joy, modesty, and peace of mind.

November: Chrysanthemums

Image source: Pixabay

Chrysanthemums are aromatic flowers that represent optimism, friendship, and happiness. However, each chrysanthemum species represent a different message due to their different shades. For instance, red shades represent love, while white means purity.

December: Poinsettias

Image source: Pixabay

These bright red flowers are known for their showy color and appearance. They’re a popular holiday flower, making them the perfect choice for December birthdays. Often called the Christmas Star, the poinsettia signifies good cheer and success and brings wishes of joy and celebration.


So, what is your birthday flower or that of your closest friend? Make your loved ones and friends feel special by gifting them the perfect flower for their birthday month. Subscribe to our blog for gardening tips.

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