The Best Flowers to Plant in March

As spring approaches, propagate some flowering plants into your garden! But when it comes to planting flowers, they are not created equal. Some bloom best in spring and others in autumn. 

Similarly, some are grown in the last frost to bloom in spring, while others are produced in spring to flourish in summer. Here are the best flowering plants to propagate in March.

Cornflower-Centaurea Cyanus

Image source: Pinterest

The cornflower is an annual with hairy stems that grow erect or lean slightly outward. The leaves are alternate, lanceolate, rough on top, dull underneath, and hairy like the stems. The flowers are solitary on the stem and consist of many florets surrounding a disc of tubular florets. 

Color varies from white to purple, with many shades of blue and pink in between. So the cornflower flowers directly into the garden or undercover in March to enjoy their blooms in June, July & August. Cornflowers are perfect for attracting pollinators, and you can also use them as cut flowers.

Pot Marigold- Calendula officinalis

Image source: Pinterest

Calendula is an easy-to-grow flower from the seed and attracts pollinators. The bright orange flowers are edible and are commonly used in salads, soups, and stews. They have also been used to color butter and cheese.

Pot marigolds also have some medicinal properties. It’s excellent for helping cuts and scrapes heal quickly and is a common ingredient in skin creams and lotions. You can choose to grow these flowers undercover, in the garden, or container pots. And they will reward you with deep orange florets that bear crimson backs and centers.

Violas Flowers

Image source: Pinterest

Violas are beautiful, delicate, and fragile flowers that require special care when growing indoors or outdoors. Although they may seem like easy flowers to grow, they need some extra care to thrive indoors or in your garden beds.

Violas can grow from seeds, however, their seeds are too small, making most gardeners prefer cuttings. The flowers range from violets through yellow, blue, white, and cream shades. They also do well as bedding plants or border flowers and make excellent cut flowers for arrangements due to their long-lasting blooms.

Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia spp.)

Image source: Pinterest

Calla lilies are a staple of wedding bouquets and are popular in gardening. They bear stunning, trumpet-shaped flowers with glossy leaves. The flowers come in different colors; white, yellow, pink, purple, and more. They are popular as cut flowers, but they also make excellent container plants.

Plant calla lilies rhizomes indoors after the passing of the last frost. After a month, you can transplant them to an outdoor garden. They thrive in moist but not soggy soil.


Image source: Pinterest

They are among the best ornamental plants that can grow indoors or in a garden. They are also famous for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops. Some are perfect as landscape plants for hedging and other utilitarian purposes such as game cover and slope stabilization.

Plant roses from mid to end of March, and they will appreciate you by blooming at the end of May or early June. Rose flowers have a rich fragrance, and they come in various colors, including red, pink, and yellow.


March can be a good time for seeds to start growing as the weather has been warming up considerably. Any of the above plants are perfect for planting in March. However, before planting them, have a good sense of your area’s climate and weather patterns. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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