Best Flowering Cactus Plants for Your Garden

Flowering cactus plants are the best for your garden. They can thrive in the hot, dry conditions typical of a garden. And just other succulents, flowering cacti store water in their stems and leaves, so they’re very drought tolerant. 

So, you can neglect them, and they will still survive. Here are some of the best flowering cacti for your garden.

Rosy Pincushion Cactus

Image source: Pinterest

This is the perfect cactus for your yard if you love pink flowers. The Rosy Pincushion Cactus is a small-sized cactus that requires plenty of sunlight and little watering. It’s one of the flowering cacti that can thrive indoors.

The thorny barrel or ball-shaped plant can grow to about 6 inches tall when well maintained. And they produce hot pink flowers all year long with a yellow center. 

Mammillaria dasyacantha Cactus

Image source: Flickr

It is easy to grow and maintain, making it one of the most popular flowering cacti. It has wool-like white spines, which may also come in yellow or brownish depending on the light conditions and age.

This cacti plant produces striking pink flowers with yellow markings at the center. Its flowering season starts from summer. However, it can have flowers throughout the year with the proper maintenance. This variety can grow to about one foot in height.

Aylostera Cactus

Image source: Pinterest

This plant is a slow-growing cactus that has stunning spines. It mainly grows in areas with sufficient rainfall, and it flowers from March to June. The plant has daisy-like flowers that bloom in orange. The evergreen foliage has white spikes throughout.

You can also plant them on your garden border or rock gardens to make your home beautiful. It requires direct sunlight to bloom properly.

Christmas Cactus

Image source: Pinterest

This plant has flattened stem segments with small leaves and bears beautiful red and pink flowers with shades of white. The flowering season starts from early winter to mid-winter. They come in different varieties, which determine the size of the plant and the color of its flowers.

They are great for hanging baskets, and they can also be grown indoors as long as they get bright light. Christmas cactus can grow between 6 to 12 inches tall, and it can thrive in low light and bright sunlight conditions.

Dwarf Easter Cactus

Image source: Pinterest

This species is also known as the holiday cactus, and it blooms in spring. It has a bush-like appearance and is characterized by its pink flowers. The dwarf Easter cactus produces attractive rose-pink flowers full of a pleasing aroma.

This cactus can survive in harsh environments and is drought-resistant, and it can grow to a maximum height of six inches. Nevertheless, if you live in an extremely hot area, you should keep the plant in partial shade to prevent sunburns. It needs regular watering, but watch out not to over-water it.

To achieve big cacti flowering plants, check out tips on growing big succulents


Cactus plants are hardy and prickly plants that can thrive in dry and hot climates. But they also offer beautiful blooms that can brighten up any garden. So, if you want to make your landscape full of exotic flowers, consider the flowering cacti in our post above. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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