Best Night-Scented Flowers for Your Garden

The best way to spend summer evenings and night times is spending a lovely time in a fragrant yard. To make your garden scented in the evenings, consider planting night-scented plants. They will create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying your night breeze. Besides, they make your landscape leafy and attractive.

The beauty of most night-scented flowers is that they also bloom in the evenings. Nevertheless, you can grow them in pots and place them near your windows or doors to allow their scent to drift indoors. Here is a brief discussion on the best night-scented flowers for your garden.

Fatsia japonica

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This flower is also known as castor oil plant or Japanese aralia. It produces large, glossy leaves and creamy white blossoms. While Fatsia japonica doesn’t have a scent during the day, it emits a fantastic fragrance after dark. 

Moths love them because the flower attracts them at night. The flowers are similar to those of ivy but have a stronger scent. You can grow Fatsia japonica in pots or outside in a sheltered spot. They can attain a height of 8 to 13 feet.

Night-Scented Stock (Matthiola longipetala)

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Sweet perfume emanates from the blossoms of stock, which often peak at night. The flowers emit a scent similar to vanilla, with notes of honey. Their pleasant scent attracts night pollinators like moths. 

Most varieties of this plant produce pretty flowers that can be purple, white, or pink, and they open at dusk. And they prefer full sunlight but provide some shade during the hot summer afternoons. They can grow from 4 to 20 inches tall. To enjoy their fragrance, plant the night-scented stock flowers close enough to your patio.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

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This twining vine yields clusters of small star-like flowers with a heady fragrance. The glossy green leaves provide a nice contrast to the white blooms that bloom during spring and summer. Their sweet scent will fill your garden with a sweet aroma in the evenings.

Star jasmine is among the many varieties of jasmine flowers. They are easy to grow and need very little care. It best suits ground covers or is trained on a trellis, and they can attain 13 to 26 feet tall.

Dianthus’ Memories’

Image source: Pinterest

This is a perfect flower for any garden and has white petals with pink tips. They are effortless to grow, and they are good at attracting moths, butterflies, and bees. They start flowering from late spring through summer, producing an intense and sweet fragrance at night.  

Dianthus’ Memories’ is easy to grow and care for. They thrive in full sun to light shade, making them a good choice for your garden or patio edges.


Image source: Pinterest

The large white blooms of this tropical vine open at sunset and release their powerful fragrance each evening throughout the summer. Moonflower gets its name from the shape of its flowers, which are reminiscent of a full moon. The white flowers take the form of trumpets, and their leaves are heart-shaped. Besides their fragrance, they are also beautiful to look at. 

The moonflower loves scrambling over a trellis, fence, or support, making them perfect for pergolas. This type of night-scented plant can grow in various soils, including the poor variety. They can extend to about 15 feet in height.


Make your garden bloom and fragrant during the evenings by planting any of our scented plants above. With the proper care and maintenance, they will reward you with their beauty and fragrance. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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