5 Houseplants That Will Bring Good Fortune to Your Home

We all need a boost when it comes to luck and good fortune. One of the best ways to bring luck into your life is to surround yourself with lucky symbols. Houseplants are among the popular lucky symbols. Since they represent life, growth, and fertility, they’re believed to bring luck, love, and prosperity.  

However, not all houseplants are equal when it comes to luck. Here are five lucky houseplants that will bring good luck and fortune to your home.


Image source: Pinterest

The orchid is a prevalent lucky plant. It’s associated with love, beauty, and strength. In some cultures, the orchid is a symbol of fertility. In the Chinese culture, in particular, orchids are offered as gifts during weddings to bring good luck to the newly wedded. 

Orchids have a long life span and come in different varieties each producing different colors. And every flower color is believed to carry a different message. For instance, white, pale yellow, and pink orchids bring good health and well-being. In contrast, dark-colored varieties promote creativity. 

Golden Pothos

Image source: Pinterest

The Golden Pothos is a common houseplant known as the “devil’s ivy.” It’s a stress-free plant. The golden-yellow leaves make it attractive for any indoor setting. 

The Golden Pothos is known to bring good luck and wealth. Besides being ornamental, this plant can help boost your moods, eliminate anxiety, and clean your indoor air. 

Jade Plant

Image source: Pinterest

The Jade Plant is a succulent that’s native to Africa. It has thick, glossy leaves that take the shape of coins. The coin-shaped leaves are said to represent wealth and good fortune. The other name for the jade plant is the money or dollar plant.

The plant is easy to maintain and can live for a very long time. They can go for many days without water, making them the perfect plant for people who forget to water their plants. You can also use the Jade plant to decorate your home and business.


Image source: skimresources

Eucalyptus is famous for its therapeutic properties. It is often used in aromatherapy and has a refreshing, minty scent, especially when the house has average humid levels. It is a perfect choice for plants that can clean your indoor air.  

Eucalyptus is also considered a lucky plant. It’s believed to attract prosperity and success, especially in businesses. The plant is easy to care for and can prosper indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget to place a few branches of eucalyptus in your office to enjoy its aroma.

Snake Plant

Image source: Pinterest

The snake plant is a succulent that’s native to Africa. This plan can thrive almost anywhere and doesn’t need much care. Snake plants can go for long periods without water and even tolerate low light conditions. The snake plant is also known to absorb toxins from the air and produce oxygen at night. It is a perfect plant to have in your bedroom.

The snake plant is said to bring good luck because of its ability to purify indoor air and absorb toxins. You can place a few plants in your home or office to enjoy its benefits.


  • While the above plants are considered lucky, it’s important to remember that your attitude and actions are critical in attracting good luck. So surround yourself with positive thoughts and energy, and you’re sure to attract good fortune. 
  • Proper care and placement are also necessary. Be sure to place your plants where they will get enough light and water. Choose plants like jade and snake plants that can tolerate infrequent watering if you are forgetful. 


Whether you believe in luck or not, having these plants in your home or office can’t hurt. They are easy to maintain and provide many benefits, from improving your mood to cleaning the air. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips!

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