Plants You Can Grow in Shallow Pots

Taking care of plants in large containers can be a demanding task. The soil in the big planters takes longer to dry, exposing your plants to root rot. Besides, big planting containers demand a lot of space, and they are challenging to move around.

On the other hand, shallow planting pots are easy to handle, making your plant maintenance stress free. However, not all plants can thrive in small containers. Here are some popular herbs and flowering plants that will thrive in shallow pots.

Herbs for Shallow Planters

Most herbs do not have deep roots; thus, they are easy to grow in shallow pots. Here are the best picks for you!


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You can quickly grow oregano in a shallow pot. This herb has shallow roots that can be 6 inches long. A planter that can hold soil in the range of 8 to 12 inches deep is ideal for growing oregano. The easiest way of growing oregano is from cuttings.


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Chives are easy to grow because they are hardy and thrive in shallow containers. Their roots can be 3 inches long. Besides offering nutritional benefits, chives also produce purple flowers that can brighten your garden. You can grow them indoors, provided it’s on a sunny spot.


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Basil doesn’t require much space to grow. Its roots are shallow, and it only grows up to 18 inches tall. It is among the easiest herbs that you can grow from seeds, and it will offer you a long harvest season.

Many other herbs thrive in shallow pots, including rosemary, parsley, and mint.

Flowering Plants for Shallow Pots

The best flowering plants for shallow pots are those that stay small and compact. Here are some to consider for your home or office;


Image source: Pixabay

Petunias are the perfect flowers for a shallow container. They come in vibrant, bright colors and bloom in spring. Most petunia varieties stay around 12 inches tall, but some grow slightly smaller or larger. So the pot depth depends on the type you intend to grow. Fo shallow pots, choose the species that doesn’t have a deep rooting system.


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Pansies are beautiful and showy flowers perfect for fall and spring gardens. These flowers come in various colors and patterns, including orange, yellow, white, and purple. Most pansies species thrive in pots measuring about 4-6 inches deep. When not growing them in containers, you can plant them along your borders or as ground covers.


Image source: home garden

Zinnias are annuals that thrive in full sun. Plants come in various colors and shapes, including red, yellow, and orange. The zinnia flowers come in different sizes depending on the variety; the small sizes do not require deep planting. They will thrive in shallow containers. Besides beautifying your homestead, they are good cut flowers as they last well when cut.

Note: Plants that grow in shallow pots require more frequent watering than those in large containers. However, there is no general rule on when and how to water them. Check on your plants’ requirements to learn how to water them.


Shallow planting pots are easy to manage, cheap to buy, and save you space. Take full advantage of the plants above to beautify your home as you enjoy the fresh herbs for your meals. Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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