5 Best Jasmine Flowers to Grow Indoors

Jasmines come in different varieties, and all exhibit varying features such as different flower shapes and colors. Traditionally, jasmine flowers have been grown as outdoor plants. However, few genuses make excellent additions to an indoor setting. 

The indoor species produce a lovely scent that can make you relax and enjoy nature while staying indoors. Here are the five best jasmine flowers to grow indoors as your houseplants.

White Jasmine

Image source: Pinterest

White Jasmine is an attractive plant with glossy leaves and small pink-white flowers. The star-shaped flowers bloom from spring until fall exuding a sweet but powerful fragrance to complement any room. This variety can grow to about 8 feet long if you fail to prune them. Thus, regular pruning is encouraged to maintain its desired shape and size.

White jasmine loves partial to full sunlight environments. The best indoor locations are south- or west-facing windows. This species of jasmine is easy to grow. You can either have it on hanging baskets or indoor flower pots. 

Pink Jasmine

Image source: Pixabay

Pink jasmine is one of the best indoor jasmine plants you can grow in your home. It is preferred for its pinky flowers with white petals. The pink jasmine produces pink flowers that have a delicate fragrance. Bright light is essential for the plant’s growth, but it will also perform well in partial shade if there is enough water.

This plant overgrows; thus, you may need to prune it frequently. The blooming season can extend through late winter and during springtime.

Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides)

Image source: Pinterest

This genus, also known as Cape jasmine, produces evergreen foliage with thick leaves. Gardenias have fragrant, double white flowers with yellow centers bloom from early summer through fall. If you want jasmine with abundant fragrant blooms in spring and summer, gardenia is an excellent choice. It’s also among the best choice for cut flowers.

Gardenia jasminoides will do well in bright light but avoid direct sunlight to prevent the foliage from drying out. Also, avoid overwatering or underwatering the plant so as not to cause root rot or dryness, respectively.

Madagascar Jasmine

Image source: balconygarden

Madagascar jasmine is a gorgeous vine with light green leaves and clusters of white star-shaped flowers with yellow centers. It is native to Madagascar but can be grown in most tropical climatic conditions. The plant produces fragrant blooms ideal for displaying in hanging baskets or at the top of a bookshelf.

This plant prefers partial sunlight but can tolerate full sun exposure if placed behind a sheer curtain during summer. Unlike other varieties that thrive on average soil conditions, Madagascar jasmine thrives in a peat moss-based potting mix.

Arabian Jasmine

Image source: balconygarden

This variety releases a sweet and strong fragrance making it one of the most popular jasmines in the world. The delicate white star-shaped flowers make this species attractive to homeowners looking for indoor jasmine varieties. It has glossy green leaves that complement its white flowers beautifully.

It prefers full sun or partial shade and requires moderate watering. And because it is not cold hardy, avoid placing it near window sills during winter. Place your Arabian jasmine flower on bookshelves or in a corner for the best display of its showy flowers.


Jasmine flowers are unique and serve as a charming addition to any room’s decor. They are relatively easy to grow as long as you follow their growing conditions. If you are looking for adorable and scented houseplants, consider adding any of the jasmines mentioned above to your indoor garden! Subscribe to our blog for more gardening tips.

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