5 Best Plants for Your Office Space

Image source:  Pinterest Brighten up your office space with some indoor plants. The plants will make your office colorful, and they’ll also improve the air quality, boost your employees’ moods and make them more productive. There are so many plants out there, so how do you choose the right one for your office?  Here areContinue reading “5 Best Plants for Your Office Space”

5 Best Houseplants for Your bathroom

Image source: Pinterest Introducing bathroom plants is one of the great ways to add a little personality and fun design to your bathroom. However, the bathroom environment has constant humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and few hours of sunlight. Such conditions make it difficult for most homeowners to settle for bathroom flowers for decoration ideas. But whatContinue reading “5 Best Houseplants for Your bathroom”

How to Grow and Care for Dipladenia Plants in Your Home Garden

Image source: Pixabay Dipladenia plants are a beautiful addition to any home garden. Whether you live in the dry regions or enjoy milder weather, you can grow this plant without a lot of fuss. They require warm, sunny exposures, moist soil, and well-drained conditions to grow and flower successfully. By growing Dipladenia plants, you willContinue reading “How to Grow and Care for Dipladenia Plants in Your Home Garden”

How to Grow & Care for African Violets

African violets are probably the most popular flowering indoor plants in the world. They are popular because they bloom all year long, come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and are easy to grow at home. These compact and low-growing flowering plants are native to high-altitude regions in tropical Eastern Africa. Read on to learnContinue reading “How to Grow & Care for African Violets”

5 Best Types of Plumeria That You Can Grow at Home

Plumerias are flowering shrubs or trees that are popularly known as frangipanis. These ornamental plants are native to Mexico and Central America. They produce flowers in different shades of white (most common), pink, yellow, red, and pastel bi-colors. The flowers are very fragrant, and since they are pollinated in the evenings, they release their scentContinue reading “5 Best Types of Plumeria That You Can Grow at Home”

How to Grow and Care for Honeysuckle Flowers

Image source: Pixabay Honeysuckle is beautiful flowering vines that cover walls and trees in the springtime. Their showy colors stand out against any green foliage background. Most varieties of honeysuckles smell lovely, especially in full bloom. Some grow short, while others can grow into large bushes that provide a lot of privacy and seclusion fromContinue reading “How to Grow and Care for Honeysuckle Flowers”

How to Grow & Care for Jasmine Flowers

Image source: Pixabay Jasmines are one of the best smelling plants you can grow in your homestead. This evergreen tropical plant is famous for its glossy green leaves and strong fragrance from its small white blooms. The best spot for enjoying its scent and beauties on summer evenings is on the patio or in containersContinue reading “How to Grow & Care for Jasmine Flowers”

Why Coleus is the Best Plant for Your Garden

Coleus plants are a favorite among gardeners for their colorful leaves and low maintenance. Coleus plants can be grown in pots, as well as in the ground. These beautiful plants come in many shapes, hues, and sizes and grow as tall as 10 feet. You can enjoy more blooms with some extra care. Coleus isContinue reading “Why Coleus is the Best Plant for Your Garden”

5 Best Plants for Full Sun Garden Area

Creating a beautiful and therapeutic garden requires planting the correct type of plants and flowers for different conditions. Different plants and flowers do well under different conditions; some plants love the full sun for most of the day. Some love shade, and others can do well under low lights. Plants under full sun need regularContinue reading “5 Best Plants for Full Sun Garden Area”