How to Grow & Care for Syngonium Plants

Also known as arrowhead plants, Syngonium plants are native to South America. However, due to their appealing hanging shape and easy-going nature, they are becoming popular worldwide. The arrow-shaped leaves change their structure as they mature. They start as easy arrow-shaped leaves and grow into deeply lobed mature leaves.  The foliage color varies from whiteContinue reading “How to Grow & Care for Syngonium Plants”

5 Best Non-flowering Houseplants to Grow Indoors

Houseplants are one of the great ways to add some life to your home and improve your indoor air quality. While there are many flowering indoor plants to choose from, there are as many non-flowering plants that are just as beautiful and easy to maintain.  The green foliage of the non-flowering houseplants can brighten upContinue reading “5 Best Non-flowering Houseplants to Grow Indoors”

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

Image source: Pinterest Spider mites are tiny arachnids that can create big problems for plant lovers. These pests are prone to attacking flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Spider mites suck the juice from a plant, which results in yellowing leaves and possibly death of the plant.  These pests can be hard to control because they haveContinue reading “How to Get Rid of Spider Mites”

Why Are My Indoor Plants Turning Yellow?

Image source: Pinterest Caring for your plants and seeing them blooming can be a pleasant achievement. However, your joy can be cut short when the plants start yellowing. Yellowing leaves can result from several factors, but all sum up to signs of distress. Fortunately, the yellow leaves communicate to you that your plants need help!Continue reading “Why Are My Indoor Plants Turning Yellow?”

5 Best Jasmine Flowers to Grow Indoors

Jasmines come in different varieties, and all exhibit varying features such as different flower shapes and colors. Traditionally, jasmine flowers have been grown as outdoor plants. However, few genuses make excellent additions to an indoor setting.  The indoor species produce a lovely scent that can make you relax and enjoy nature while staying indoors. HereContinue reading “5 Best Jasmine Flowers to Grow Indoors”

Plants You Can Grow in Shallow Pots

Taking care of plants in large containers can be a demanding task. The soil in the big planters takes longer to dry, exposing your plants to root rot. Besides, big planting containers demand a lot of space, and they are challenging to move around. On the other hand, shallow planting pots are easy to handle,Continue reading “Plants You Can Grow in Shallow Pots”

5 Houseplants That Will Bring Good Fortune to Your Home

We all need a boost when it comes to luck and good fortune. One of the best ways to bring luck into your life is to surround yourself with lucky symbols. Houseplants are among the popular lucky symbols. Since they represent life, growth, and fertility, they’re believed to bring luck, love, and prosperity.   However, notContinue reading “5 Houseplants That Will Bring Good Fortune to Your Home”

Best Night-Scented Flowers for Your Garden

The best way to spend summer evenings and night times is spending a lovely time in a fragrant yard. To make your garden scented in the evenings, consider planting night-scented plants. They will create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying your night breeze. Besides, they make your landscape leafy and attractive. The beauty of most night-scentedContinue reading “Best Night-Scented Flowers for Your Garden”

Best Flowering Cactus Plants for Your Garden

Flowering cactus plants are the best for your garden. They can thrive in the hot, dry conditions typical of a garden. And just other succulents, flowering cacti store water in their stems and leaves, so they’re very drought tolerant.  So, you can neglect them, and they will still survive. Here are some of the bestContinue reading “Best Flowering Cactus Plants for Your Garden”

How to Grow and Care for Daylily Flowers

Daylily flowers can make an excellent addition to a patio garden. You can also plant them along walkways or around the foundation of homes. Besides, they make beautiful cut flowers that you can use during special occasions or events. These flowers are generally hardy, undemanding, and grow well even in poor soil conditions. So, howContinue reading “How to Grow and Care for Daylily Flowers”